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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Reminded of a good idea

While thinking about what a huge waste of time and money this whole taking-over-the-world-Lincoln statue would be, I suddenly remembered of the ingenious plans of the city of Anderson, where I currently reside. Unlike this horrible Lincoln tragedy, they have come up with a great idea: a trucking museum!

Can't you imagine how much fun we'll all have as we gather in Anderson to "ride in an 18-wheeler before ordering food over a CB radio at a coordinating theme restaurant?" I'm getting so excited I just might wet myself!

This, my friends, is what a great idea is all about! If only I had come up with it...


Anonymous Disappointed and lifelong Tim Nardoni Fan said...

Tim, I think I liked it better when you weren't blogging. These entries are lame.

4:05 PM

Blogger :TiM. said...

You put yourself out there and what does it attract?


Don't be a blogger-hater...

4:15 PM

Anonymous Disappointed and lifelong Tim Nardoni Fan said... said...

I'm not a blogger-hater... just a "lame entry filled blog"blogger-hater.

peace out.

5:51 PM

Blogger Pat said...

I dont care what you blog about, Tim. I'm just glad to have you blogging...

11:11 PM

Anonymous Randy Cox said...

Hear hear! Keep up the good work.

7:41 AM


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