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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Ah, the 4th of July approaches and I'm beckoned home.

Home. Home is where the art is.

In honor of my roadtrip I present you an epic poem:

Driving to Danville

§ § §




Empty factory, empty factory, empty factory



Corn, corn, corn



Corn, corn, soybeans, corn

Pickup truck

Corn, corn, corn

Illinois state line

Higher taxes. Worse roads.

Corn, corn, corn



(I have many more gems like this buried in notebooks and scraps of paper. People are always wondering what I'm scribbling. You just wait.)


Blogger Jeremy Stockwell said...

Hey Tim, my Sister lives in Danville, so I've made that trip a few times, though never thought to compose an epic about it. Sounds about right, though.

Nice scribblin'!

1:36 PM

Anonymous jen said...

Bravo! (Wiping tears from my eyes...)

2:45 PM

Anonymous chad said...

I'd be interested in the follow-up epic, Driving to Anderson. But something tells me it would be eerily similar to Driving to Danville -- only in reverse.

4:03 PM

Blogger Brian said...

I think you forgot:


in there somewhere.

9:28 AM

Blogger bloggirl said...

True, Chad, but if you put them together,'d have a palindrome epic!!! The sheer genius of it boggles me.

11:22 AM

Anonymous chad said...

It would be hard on the transmission, as well.

3:39 PM


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