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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Though I very much consider Anderson, Indiana "Home" now, Danville, Illinois will always hold a special place in my heart.

See this lovely sculpture in brick?
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The title of the work is, "Danville U.S.A." and it is located in the revitalized downtown of my boyhood home, Danville, Illinois.

See the bronze plaque off to the right?
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Though you can certainly click on the picture to enlarge it, I'm afraid the text is difficult to read, nonetheless. The words on the plaque are as follows:

"Danville U.S.A."

Sculptor's Reflections

Artistically, "Danville U.S.A." is my expression of the lively personable people that I encountered here, the depth of the souls who live/lived in this place.

It is not the river, the architecture, nor the industries that are the things that exist here. Rather, it is the "spirit" of all who have built and are building Danville.

I was touched by these people - their perseverance, their tenacity, their love of where they live. At its core, this sculpture is a "family portrait" of yesterday, today and tomorrow - a loving reminder of how important it is to remember who we are as we build what we are to become.

Remember to - the sculpture does not stand alone. The old Temple Arc, the redesigned exterior wall and its arches, the bandstand, the landscape, the seat wall, the walkways and perhaps most of all, the sculpture site's central physical location are all integral to the complete presentation. All of these elements work in concert to create a powerful statement of the need for beauty that we constantly seek in our lives. Beauty completes us.

Donna L. Dobberfuhl, NSS, MFA
Sculptural Designs Atelier

See the TYPO?!?!?!

"Remember to" -- as in, Remember also -- as in, Remember too.

A senseless typo, cast in bronze, in my own hometown.
I'm outraged.